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About Our Logo


Our new logo for Research and Development for Next-Generation Integrated Simulation of Living Matter was designed to express the goal of our project, analysis of the human body, by combining an abstracted image of a genome and the shape of the body. The small letter "i" in "ISLiM," the abbreviated version of the project,s name is also shaped like the body. The logo will be used widely in our future publications and Web pages.

Event Information

*Next-Generation Supercomputing Symposium 2009

October 7 (Wednesday)-8 (Thursday), 2009
Conference room at My Plaza Hall (Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
No charge *Fee required for reception (optional)

*For details, go to

*Biosupercomputing Research Community: First General Meeting

October 8 (Thursday), 2009 12:00-13:00 (pending)
My Plaza Hall (Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

*For details, go to

*The 2nd Biosupercomputing Symposium

March 18 (Thursday)-19 (Friday), 2010
In Tokyo (TBA)
No charge *Fee required for reception (optional)

*Details TBA

About the Cover Photo

It was the second event of the workshop, co-hosted by the Integrated Simulation of Living Matter program and the Advanced Computational Sciences Department at the Advanced Science Institute. As the promotion of the simulation of living matter requires collaborative efforts that involve wide-ranging research areas and methods, the workshop aims to offer opportunities for researchers from a variety of specialties to come together, present their findings and exchange ideas.

*Number of participants: 143
*Number of posters: 91
*Number of lecturers: 13

ioSupercomputing Newsletter Vol.1

BioSupercomputing Newsletter Vol.1

Computational Science Research Program Program Director Koji KAYA
Innovative Approach for Understanding Phenomena of Life Exploring New Possibilities with Bio-supercomputing
Computational Science Research Program Deputy Program Director Ryutaro HIMENO
A Message from the Team Leader
Simulations to Understand the Functions of the Biopolymers that Play Fundamental Roles in Life
Molecular Scale Team Team Leader Akinori KIDERA
Develop a 3-D Model of the Entire Human Body and Understand In Vivo Phenomena to Utilize for Medical Purposes
Organ and Body Scale Team Team Leader Shu TAKAGI
The Fourth Methodology (Data Analysis Fusion): Transforming Biology into a Predictable Science
Data Analysis Fusion Team Team Leader Satoru MIYANO
Report on Research
Prediction of Transmembrane Dimer Structure of Amyloid Precursor Protein using Replica-Exchange Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Molecular Scale Team Naoyuki MIYASHITA / RIKEN Advanced Science Institute (Molecular Scale WG) Yuji SUGITA
Simulation for Charged Particle Therapy
Organ and Body Scale Team Kenichi L. ISHIKAWA
Prospects of Prognostic Prediction Based on Genome-wide Association Study and Genetic/Non-genetic Factors
Riken Center for Genomic Medicine (Data Analysis Fusion WG) Naoyuki KAMATANI
Key Technology Supporting Petascale Computing
High-performance Computing Team Kenji ONO / Satoshi ITO / Daisuke WATANABE
ISLiM Participating Institutions / Administration
Joint Workshop with VPH
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