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The 2nd Biosupercomputing Symposium

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Toward the multiscale simulation for organs and whole-body scale

Dr. Shu Takagi
Organ and Body Scale Team, Integrated Simulation of Living Matter Group,
Computational Science Research Program, RIKEN

The software development using the patient specific data is highly expected for the next-generation medical treatment. We have been developing the software for continuum mechanical scales in person-specific body data. In the preset talk, the following simulators are introduced.
First, as a medical application of ultrasound therapy, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) simulator is explained with the application of brain tumor treatment. Due to the presence of skull, the focus control of ultrasound field becomes considerably difficult without using the information of skull shape and thickness. Here, we utilize the CT data for skull and the time reversal method for wave equations are introduced to control the focal point. The numerical results illustrates that the simulation can be utilized to design the controlling system in the HIFU therapy.
Next, a novel numerical method suitable for using medical images is explained. The method is based on the finite difference discretization of fluid-structure interaction problem by the fully Eulerian description. Although the developed method requires a relatively complicated mathematical treatment, it does not require mesh-generation procedure which can be a big advantage when the software is introduced in medical institutions. Some examples of numerical simulations are shown with the detail validation of the method.
Furthermore, some other simulators such as vascular network, heavy particle radiotherapy and the whole-heart are also briefly explained.

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